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Referral Program

Get Paid for Referrals
Make Money As You Help Your Real Estate Clients Manage Their Properties
Whether you have your own property management division or not, Solutions Property Management has a valuable revenue-generating service that you can cost-effectively offer to your real estate clients!

As Texas property management specialists, Solutions Realty Texas offers a profitable lead incubation program that enables you to outsource property management administration to a trusted Texas property manager so you can focus on real estate sales.

Don’t Worry:  It’s Your Lead, Your Client, Your Revenue
At Solutions, we believe in creating alliances that generate a win-win-win situation for you, your prospect/client and us.  That’s why your satisfaction and comfort level with this referral arrangement are important to us.
More Revenue Without the Work!
Increase Revenue through Referral Fees
$200 for each Property Management Owner Referral that generates an Agreement
$ 50 for each Tenant Referral
Leasing Fee of either the advertised co-broker commission or $150, whichever is greater (you’ll receive a copy of the leasing agreement)
Increase Revenue through optional purchase of your Property Management Accounts
We can purchase some or all of your property management accounts as well as manage them…it’s up to you.
Reduce Costly Property Management Overhead and Hassles
Eliminate daily administration headaches and lower your overhead costs with Solutions Property Management!  Rest assured that we will handle all aspects of property management services with superb customer service, creating a positive reflection on you.
Strengthen the Property Management relationship to Ensure a Future Sale Lead
Our local presence in the Texas area means we can provide one-to-one service and ‘face-time’ that reinforces the business relationship beyond e-mails and phone calls.
1. Send us your property management leads. A copy of the signed property management agreement, naming you as the sales listing agent, will be sent to you.
2. We’ll handle all property management services, giving us the opportunity to stay in touch with each property management owner — on your behalf — on a regular, one-to-one basis.
3. When your property management owner is ready to sell, we’ll let you know so you can handle the entire transaction.